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Enjoy a service which is also a vision, a job done with passion, confidence and ever-growing experience.

Argonath is a creative agency specialized in designing and carrying out special events for communication and incentive activities, with a special focus on the most delicate contexts, where memorability and the transmission of messages and values are fundamental.

Argonath works in close synergy with its Clients and their proxy Agencies, offering flexible and reliable collaboration in every step. The best production and creativity procedures are applied within this operative synergy.
Every single event is totally customised and offers a binding, high quality experience: thanks to our considerable experience in design and development, we can supply you with a wide selection of effective tools for training, increasing customer loyalty and corporate incentive, or design new ones, tailor-made to fulfil your needs.

“Our very first job was a full-immersion closed event with actors. The plot of an original thriller was set in an ancient monastery hidden in a forest in central Italy... we were hired by 20th Century Fox to promote the debut of ‘What Lies Beneath’ (with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer) in the home entertainment market. It was an impressive success thanks to our first class creative staff... and that’s how it all started!”

Federico, business development

Fifteen Yearsshaping your potential since 2002

15 years of developing, learning and improving at the service of first level brands and corporations.
100% satisfaction. Always.

First of all, Argonath is defined by the dedication of our staff along with the mission to guarantee our positive commitment to our Clients’ goals and quality standards that grow daily.
Argonath is also a creative vocation enriched by our experience in designing and problem solving. With the additional resource of reliable partnerships we have selected and tended to over the years, passionately and with determination, we can ensure above-average production standards and timings.

The agency was created in 2002 with its first job in the movie-promotion market, and has inherited processes and organisation policies from over ten years of experience in interactive special events’ organization and consulting. Our work policy, focused on the individual perception of a message in a mass context, naturally evolved from advertising communication, incentive communication and training communication.
Thanks to our continuous relations with highly demanding Clients, we have brought the level of attention to our partners’ needs to a state of the art level, and we consider this effort fundamental. We believe that our work must be a step, and a noteworthy one, in our Clients’ training or communication process, and must thus be capable of receiving input and forwarding the output information and experiences from and to the other steps of the process, both forwards and backwards. This is why we always focus on achieving results with respect to performance, adherence to our Clients’ requirements and requests and seamless integration in the corporate communication process we are participating in.